Friday, 22 March 2013

The Overview

Knit City.
It was amazing!

I met Jane Richmond, Nook, Luvinthemommyhood, three amazing ladies from Vancouver Island. I got two of the sweetest striped coffee sleeves from Nook... and the pattern for the Oatmeal Pullover from Jane Richmond!

Sweet Georgia dyed a Knit Social colourway in both yarns and a Polworth Silk fibre braid! (I went away with a braid of fibre!!

I got a bunch of fibres from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, as well as Blackcomb Fibre Farms.

I got two skeins of yarn from as well as her pattern North Shore!

A skein of Little Red Bicycle came home with me!

I met Liz! The woman who wrote The Traveling Woman Shawl!!!

I also came away with two of the sweetest hair bows from Pip N Pin!

Everyone was so happy, and there were SO MANY people that I got to meet in real life that i've known from Ravelry and blogs! So rad!!


  1. Aww- so fun!

    Liz (feministy) is one of my most favorite people IRL that I have met via rav/knitting!!!

  2. One of my fave moments was our fangirl meltdowns! Awesome! Can't wait to hang again! xoxo

  3. I agree, Knit City was amazing! And I'm so happy to have finally met you!! Hope to see you again at the next knitterly event! ♥