Friday, 22 March 2013

Things, advice, and yarn

Lets get first to the advice: Should I get glitter yarn as a yarn base. And before you think i'm being silly... it would be a 98% natural fibre yarn with just 2%glitter. Or does that defeat the point of naturally dyeing yarn?

... I feel like a dork... but I LOVE glitter. See? I just told you one of my secrets.

Second... things: This month so far has been HECTIC! Getting ready for Knit City!
Ive been....
-Dyeing yarn
-Test knitting
-Making buttons
-Designing table things
-Making yarn labels (WHY did I have to decide to make such intensive labels!!?!)

 It doesn't seem like a lot I suppose... but there have been 2 weddings i've been to (Out of town) in the last 2.5 weeks.

But i'm seriously excited. I'm almost done!!

And YARN!! I almost knit/crochet/wove through my ENTIRE STASH this summer! (Yay me!) But since August i've been accumulating. My stash is HUGE again!!  (Not such a bad thing... once Knit City is done... i'm going to weave the hell out of life!!)


  1. hurrah! i'm getting super excited for knit city too! are you going to have a booth there? how seriously fun!! so looking forward to meeting you! ox

  2. I do have a table there! I've dyed so much yarn this past month!!
    So stoked to meet you too!!!