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I get asked quite often for a list of books that I use.
I think this is fantastic, and please let me know if you have a great natural dye book that isn't on this list!

This is in no particular order! It is just the order they were on my shelf!
- Indigo Madder and Marigold- a portfolio if colors from natural dyes- Trudy Van Stralen
- Dyes from Plants of Australia and New Zeland- a practical guide for craftworkers- by Joyce Lloyd
- Natural Dyes- by Linda Rudkin
- Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing- by Rita J Adrosko
- Nature's Colors- dyes from plants- by Ida Grae
- The Dye-Pot - by Mary Frances Davidson
- Lichen Dyes- the new sourcebook- by Karen Diadick Casselman
- Dyes From Nature- plants and gardens- by Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record
- Mother Nature's Dyes & Fibers- by Will Bearfoot
- A Dyer's Manifesto- This is a Zine I got in Seattle
- Natural Dye Instruction Booklet- by Michelle Wipplinger
- A Perfect Red- by Amy Butler Greenfield (This is a novel, but a really good one!)
- A Dyer's Garden- from plant to pot growing dyes for natural fibers- by Rita Buchanan
- Wild COlor- the complete guide to making and using natural dyes- by Jenny Dean
- The Rainbow Beneath My Feet- a mushroom dyer's field guide- by Arleen Rainis Bessette and Alan E Bessette
- Natural Dyeing- by Jackie Crook
- Harvesting Color- how to find plants and make natural dyes- by Rebecca Burgess
- The Science of Teaching With Natural Dyes- by Jeanne B Buccigross
- The Craft of Natural Dyeing- by Jeanny Dean
- The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing- techniques and recipes for dyeing fabrics, yarns, and fibers at home- by Eva Lambert and Tracy Kendall
- Journal of Dye & Medicinal Plants

I love all of these books. I find some overlapping information in them, but I do find really useful things in each of them. I haven't found a definitive natural dye book... so I have my natural dye library. 

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