Monday, 11 November 2013

Someone I Met

I met a magnificent lady this past weekend.
Her name is Jennette Nielsen.

She was lovely in real life, had a fantastical card with her website on it... and I am now in love with her website and blog. I am going to make time in my life to go adventure to her shop!

Here is a screenshot of her magnificent website!

And you can go to it here!!


  1. Caitlin! you doll! i just came here through a rabbit hole of sorts! you see, truth be told, i stayed the night in seattle saturday night, after having met you, with 2 girlfriends because one was in town visiting from santa cruz and, well, when your bestie shows up its time to party like an old lady, drink too much, go dancing, and get really hung over. we brunched and shopped sunday morning in a fav seattle spot where upon i found the summer/fall issue of Wilder. skip ahead several hours and i am laying in bed reading it, while smelling my new Swarm of Bees candle, and THERE YOU ARE in the Rise of a Maker essay. i about had a conniption fit as i ran out to grab your card to make sure it was you! haha! it was you! then yesterday i made stuff all day. and today i worked my space at my little shop and then now i saw you followed my pinterest board ( which is embarrassing as i dont keep it current!) BUT then i went to look for you on FB and click click click i find this!! you sweet muffin! please lets hang out if you come down here again or decide to come to MnM where my shop space is. i'd love to visit you sometime too! be well my was lovely to meet you ...and the pleasure was all mine! xx jennette

    1. !!!
      I am so terribly happy that you found this!! And I am so stoked to have met you!
      I am planning a trip soon to Tolt again, and have to stop by to see your shop!
      It looks magical and amazing!!!!
      And now we're friends! We should be pen pals!!