Monday, 10 October 2011

Longo intervallo

Terrible to think how long it has been since I have written on here... or posted photos.

Things that happened since i've been gone.
-I saw Bon Iver in concert. Oh love!
-Two dear ones (deer ones?) left to go overseas... one is Australia, and one to England. Miss them lots.
-I got to hang out with the Knit Social peeps at the Indie Yarn Swap. ( )
-I dyed much yarn... and now I have a strong hankering to over-dye some lovely things... oh love!!
-I got to hang out this weekend with a dear one. She was in town for the Maiwa Symposium. (The biggest most lovely fiber symposium on Vancouver.) And she had the most lovely time. And learned so many useful things... that she taught me!! I'm terribly excited to know these things!!... Check out her blog!! ( )

And now a photo...

I took these photos, and my darling one made them look lovely.
Taken at my birth celebration this year.

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