Saturday, 26 April 2014

All has been quite quiet here- want to know why?!

All has been pretty quiet here the last little while- and the reason why is that i've been preparing the launch of my Kickstarter for the book i'm putting out in October.

I started this Kickstarter so that my photographer and designer will be paid up front, and that this book will be getting its finishing touches this summer while I am getting the next book started!

The project has been out for 24 hours so far- and I am beyond overwhelmed by the support so far.

This is a huge thank you for anyone who has taken a look at the video or supported the project.

Please have a look at the video- it was shot by Arlin ffrench (my brilliant partner) and the sounds were created by a dear friend Scotty Boe.

...I'm truly humbled by this today. Thank you.


  1. woah! this is FANTASTIC! congrats love!!! xoxox i can not wait to see it! xo

  2. This looks so interesting! Congrats!