Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Everyday Peacocks

This past week I received a gift from dyer Julie Asselin -
Julie and I are releasing a knitting pattern tomorrow. It is a pink shawl that she dyed the yarn for, and speaking from experience- her yarn is a treat to knit with. It is really special!

Back to the gift- Julie had a friend make me stitch markers, and a shawl adornment (pin isn't a great enough word!). They are from Everyday Peacocks, and they are perfect. 
The shawl adornment is made into my logo- so sweet!

And there were stitch makers too! They include a cat, leaves, fire, copper mordant, and a bike wheel!
They are all important parts of my life!
So thank you again Julie, and thank you Everyday Peacocks!!
You both are amazing!

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