Thursday, 13 February 2014

Knitting from silk hankies

Have you tried knitting straight from silk hankies?
I dyed up a bunch last month, and listed them on my Etsy.

I have now knit from them (without spinning them- there are tutorials online on how to knit directly from them) and it is fun! The silk does get caught up on my hands, which I believe to be especially bad in my case as I am a nail biter with rough hands.

But it can be done! I haven't taken photos of me doing it yet, as the only times I seem to do it are when i'm just hanging out with my cat- and she is lousy at taking photos.

But yes- I still have a bunch of them in my Etsy shop- and until February the 15th I have a 40% sale going on if you use the coupon code ' ILOVEYOU2014 '

The silk hankies also have little fabric label bags they come in!

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