Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Looking at all things- also reflection

I suppose today is a day of great reflection for me.

It is 10 years today that my father passed away, and this is such a strange thing to me.
Ten years is such a long time it seems. And yes- as much as there is a deep and haunting sadness, I can find good here too in this place. (And when I say in this place, I don't mean finding a bit of happiness in my entire life. Instead I mean to find some good in the part of my heart where the loss is. I really do have a brilliant life, and I can reflect on the good so often.)

Today is a clear and rainless day. The sky is grey, but also dry. I am going to the ocean to spend the afternoon there.

In these times- the reflection times- I always feel the need to get outside, and to go make things there. (See this- Andy Goldsworthy)

I feel like I am sort of rambling now, but this is a place to share these things.

Today I will honour my memories and go outside to make new things.

From our terribly deep sadness can come such great beauty.

I leave you with this photo- it is the remnants of a fire where my darling one and I burned over 50 sketchbooks, and four portfolio cases of our etchings and drawings. We did this in the Autumn last year to find rebirth from our past. An act of letting go of old things to find new ones.