Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dear Toronto...

Dear Toronto!
(And others out in the East)
I have sent off yarn to Lettuce Knit in Toronto!
And I am terribly excited to be working with them!!
Here is an armload of cashmere, silk, and BFL yarns that are going to arrive shortly!

I have sent a Cashsilk which is getting it's very own pattern put out this December (Free on Ravelry), as well as a DK BFL superwash which is the perfect weight for Uphill,  as well as a 100% silk in a 4-ply weight! 

The natural dyestuff includes walnut husks collected by my Mom from a tree that I used to climb as a child, flowers that I grew this past summer, onion skins collected by friends (And my local organic grocery store)... and many more!

Also... there are two other super-secret patterns on their way for these two yarns!!


  1. Seeing these beautiful colors is so inspiring!
    I dyed my first yarn with tea a few weeks ago, and just got my first shipment of bare yarn to experiment with plants and veggies. My husbot is a veggie vendor at the local market so I'm excited to try with all of the treats he brings home.

  2. Ermegerd purple!!! The dark one! Third photo down! What made that gorgeous colour?

    PS - If you ever have the time there maybe should be a blog post about your ecoprint bundles. I would love to learn more about that!