Wednesday, 14 August 2013

!! So much writing!

I have been getting ready for Fibrations this weekend!
I have labeled and twisted 100 skeins this week... It seems like less of a feat until you know that I hand write and sew lace onto each label!

I am so excited to go away this weekend, and adventure with people on the island!


  1. and I am so excited to see you!!! xoxoxo and your beautiful yarns! xo

  2. Hi Caitlin,
    I really enjoyed to see your shop at Fibrations!
    Actually,you became one of my favorite fiber artists now!:)
    I really liked your ideas for the handmade tent,lacy handwritten original labels
    and the natural dyed sweet yarns.
    Everything is sooo nice and lovely!
    As I told you,I wrote about Fibrations and about you on my Japanese blog.
    If you'll see some access from Japan,they might come from my blog. :D)
    I'm hoping that you'll publish your book in the near future!
    love, Noriko