Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Travels and Fun

I haven't gotten to our photos of San Fransisco yet... those are coming.
BUT I went to San Fransisco!!
Want to Know my highlights?
1. There was a Stitch n Bitch held for me at a comic shop around the corner from Princess Animal!
This super-rad yarn shop is fantastic. I couldn't walk away without a few amazing skeins. One was a self-striping Pink/black/white sparkle skein! Seriously... I love it!
2. The gardens at Alcatraz. We went there and toured around... BUT the gardens! The lady working in them and I totally nerded out about the dye plants there. !! I love it!
3. Imagiknit. They get to test all of Malabrigo's new yarns before they go to the rest of the world. I walked out with an armload of special yarns. <3
4. A Verb For Keeping Warm. I went to their monthly yarn tasting. !!!!

I love San Fransisco. SO MUCH!!
I am waiting on the darling one to edit photos... then you can see for yourself!

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