Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What have I done!?

I didn't have enough to do? Mother-of-pearl.

This past weekend, I went to Victoria, BC. More importantly, I went to Knotty by Nature! They are the most fabulous shop! It is a spinners/weavers/knitters paradise!

I saw of their faceook page a while back that they were going to have fleeces from Jacob sheep. !!!!
!!! I LOVE Jacob sheep. Their fleece is brilliant to spin... which is great. But WAY more importantly, they have four horns. Which is the most super black metal thing ever, right!?

So now I have to skirt this fleece. And wash it....
Waiting for a sunny day to do it!


  1. ohmygosh! i forgot you were here on the weekend!! gah i would have LOVED to get together with you!!! xoxo glad you had a great time. next time we have to hook up. xoxo

    1. I would have contacted all of the island fibre people, but we got in Saturday afternoon, and left on one of the earliest ferries on Sunday.
      Next time won't be so whirlwind!