Sunday, 5 May 2013

Solar Dyeing

Today I taught a solar dye workshop at Baaad Anna's, and it was seriously awesome. I got to bring six rad people into the natural dye world!

I told them I would blog about me rinsing out a skein of solar dyed yarn from my last class. (Hi guys!! Thanks for being so awesome in class today!)

So here it is:
The yarn is dk weight 100% merino yarn from Pollika. Seriously fantastic yarn.

The mordant things were alum and cream of tartar.

The dyes were henna, onion skins, and logwood extract.

They had been sitting in the sun on my porch for a few months.

When I opened the yarn it smelled gross... but not that bad.

I rinsed it outside with the hose, and mint Dr.bronners soap.

Here it is!

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  1. Gorgeous, natural and smelly...sounds like something that Earl (our Amstaff) could REALLY get his teeth into just before he rolled in it ;). The "smelly" bit might be it's saving grace in our case! ;)