Friday, 31 May 2013

Dark Things

Do you ever feel like there are so many new things to do and make?
So I made the outfit in this photo... and I really had meant to make another sweater and dress this week. But time got away from me!

Also... How black metal is this photo!


  1. I ABSOLUTELY feel there are so many new things to make and do. Here is my list for right now:

    -attend beekeeping workshop
    -learn how to wheel spin
    -make a felted ipad case
    -make my own sunscreen
    -make granola (cuz I'm a hippy like that)
    -make my own shampoo bars
    -knit blanket for sister's birthday
    -brew Finnish honey mead

    What's on your list?

    1. WOAH! I love your list!!
      These are all things that I love!