Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Brutally Beautiful

I have a friend.
She takes the most striking photos.

Want to see them?
She did a set of me playing in magnolia trees.

Lessons learned:
-Magnolia petals taste gross
-Amanda is a wizard

Amanda is a lady that not only takes photos of things, and makes them look amazing... but she also builds fantastical sets for her photos. The photos she did of Jess Hill take my breath away!!

Want to see them!? Here they are!

So the photo set she did of me are here....

Look at all of her things!!
Her website:

Her facebook:

Also, she makes jewelery... I have 2 of her pieces. !!! <3 And I love them! 
Right now on her etsy, she has bolo ties. They're fantastical!!

And finally....
I took this photo from her website....

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  1. My parents have a magnolia tree in their yard, they live in the house my dad grew up in, but the blossoms are white, not pink. I didn't even know they came in pink, it's beautiful! You look amazing!