Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I learned some life lessons yesterday:
1. The new mascara I got is waterproof. This is positive!
2. I can surf. It was my first time. I got up, and then swiftly fell down. Really hard. It was terribly fun. 3. I have no upper body strength. Sweet-mother-of-pearl my arms hurt today! I paddled for hours yesterday, and am feeling it today!
4. I think I may have consumed the limit of salt water one can have. Which is a lot. It was a bad idea. GUH! I need more water.
5. Wet suits don't keep you from getting wet. HOWEVER, they do keep you warm in the Ocean in the winter in Washington. Super-warm!
6. Wet suits are not only hard to get on, but terrible to get off. I wish I filmed myself!
I will try again real soon. I call it trying, because I did not look cool at all, and every time I got mostly up, I started squealing and smiling, and fell.

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