Monday, 11 February 2013


I am a dyer.

I love getting yarns from other dyers.

I also am terrible with change.

The 7th (yes... SEVENTH) time I knit the Summerflies Shawl, I made it for myself! I had only knit purple, blue and black for myself at that point. I decided to switch it up with green! Please note that this was 2.5 years ago... and I have since knit for myself with many more colours!

So get this: I made myself this shawl out of Indigo Moon fingering weight merino in a light green colour.

I've loved this shawl for years now. I've spilled ketchup on it. (More than once... more than I can count really)

But now it is time. I am dyeing it. Darker. Naturally!

I am using logwood extract from Maiwa, and I have mordanted with alum, cream of tartar, and iron.

It is cooking on the stove right now, but here are the before photos.

I am really excited to get new life from this shawl!!

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