Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Cedar boxes! I've been building cedar boxes like a mad woman!

I have a sculpture show that opens in a week, and i'm finishing the work! I really should be doing that right now.... but I am blogging instead!

I'm working on the show with the darling one, and we have realized that we can work well together building things. We have learned in the past that painting together is a hard nut! But this! Sculpture! It works!

So there are boxes.... and want to know the other materials??
-Skulls (bear/raccoon/rat...)
-Gold Leaf
-Brass Numbers
-A taxidermied alligator
-Jars of things
-A hairless rabbit's foot
-A wishbone
-A seahorse
.... oh man.... so many other things too!!

Want to see a photo? Well.... not yet.

But look at this!
It is some knitting from a big secret project!!

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  1. i wish i lived closer so i could see all of your amazing endevours! you know me too well though, i am easily distracted by yarny stitches ;) so pretty! xoxo