Friday, 18 January 2013


Hello Loves,
I am letting you know that I am no longer working at Baaad Anna's Yarn Store.
I am going to miss it terribly, but I am moving on to work primarily on my natural dyeing and artistic practice. I am still going to be teaching natural dye classes there (check out their blog next week to see what is coming for February and March!!) And I will also still be selling my naturally dyed yarns there. It seems like right now is the time for me to change my path. This is such a big and scary change!

I will still be found at the shop a lot (Seriously... my yarn addiction is ridiculous!), and I love the crew there so much. Each person that works at Baaad Anna's is such a creative, and wonderful person. I also will want to see the faces that i've gotten to know over the last three and a half years.

Anna and I have been friends long before the shop opened, and will continue to be friends until forever. We met years ago though anti-poverty organizing, and have been though so much. I am really blessed to have Anna in my life.

I want to thank Anna, Hilary, Nicola, Sylvia, and Amy for being the most amazing co-workers someone could ask for. I also want to thank everyone i've met through the store. The community that has grown because of Anna is incredible. Remembering what it was like to walk into the shop for the first time in July 2009... and seeing it now is such an incredible thing. The first month before opening we painted, and stained all of the cubbies, and figured out the computer, and just generally learned how a yarn store should run. It was such a big job that was taken on by Anna, Luke, and a group of amazing friends. And then opening day! So much has changed, but the heart is still the same. It is a brilliant community of fibre people.

So with that, Thank you.
Thank you for the inspiring, exciting, and fibre filled ride.
And thank you for being such amazing friends.

With all of my love,


  1. As scary as change can is a good thing. :-) I wish you much luck.

  2. Thank you for your contributions to our community Caitlin. I probably wouldn't know you if it weren't for Anna's store and that would be a shame because you are such an awesome person! I've seen you help folk who are just discovering the fibre world feel comfortable exploring their new skills, and I've seen you talk shop with veteran artists who leave the shop with the gleam of enthusiasm back in their eyes. I know you'll continue to inspire and create with your yarn, designs and pieces and I can't wait to see where you'll go cuz it's gonna be grand. :)