Thursday, 22 November 2012



I am re-organizing my sewing/weaving room right now.

WHY!!! Why is my life this exploded.
Why do I own 14 pairs of scissors?
Why is my yarn stash this huge?
How much fabric is too much fabric?

Is three looms enough, or should I get another?

Do I need to have all three sewing machines set up at once? And with that, should I get a larger table to have in said sewing room?

Do I need a bigger house?

Have I become a basket hoarder?

Should I build shelves under my loft bed in the other room so that I can put the 1000+ art/political books elsewhere to make more room for threads/ yarns?

I will not post a photo right now... it is in a shit-storm disaster.

I will post photos when I am done.  


  1. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog after googling where to buy spinning wheels in Vancouver! I think we met each other at a craft show last year, it was at... the name escapes me right now but lower Commercial drive. I was that deaf girl selling felt owl ornaments and photo cards, if that rings any bell. I'm following your blog now!

    I have a traditional spinning wheel, but honestly have no idea how to operate it. I used to use this weird spinning wheel that I later on discovered was supposed to just be a display and not actually be used. I got this one from the Hornby Island Spinning guild a few years ago and am pretty intimidated. Maybe you can help me! I also was considering selling it and getting something a bit more portable, such as the kiwi or something...

    Anyhow, I was looking at the Hastings yarn store's website and noticed that your blog was described as a local nature yarn dyer so I wanted to check it out and HEY I recognize you! I've done some dying (beets, onion, etc) in the past and REALLY wanna get back into it and learn more about dying with mushrooms!

    I hope you're doing well! :)

    1. Hello!!
      We (At Baaad Anna's) can give you lessons with the wheel that you have, but if you want a new wheel, we have those to! (I love the Kiwi wheel, and the Joy!)

      I'm going to be away for all of December, but I would love to meet up in January!