Friday, 22 March 2013

Best things

I taught one of my best buds how to knit today. Her and I grew up together since we were born!

I also have gotten to visit with my Momma this week... going through my baby trunk... seeing all of the hand knit/crochet things I wore as a child.

I also got to go to the University where I got my Fine Arts Degree, and sit in on a few sculpture classes... and be there with the prof helping out.

What else.....?

Mostly just being in the Okanagan.... it is so terribly warm still here. It feels kind of silly... but I have been making a cardigan this week. I have the body, and one sleeve done. Just one more sleeve and a button band!!


  1. Pretty yarn you're using for the cardigan!

  2. what cardi is that? i looove it! for a split second i thought it was georgia. by jane richmond.... no? i looove it though.

    1. Thanks guys!
      It is Malabrigo Rios in Pearl Ten. And I wrote the pattern.

      I want to see how it turns out... Maybe I will write it out!