Sunday, 22 July 2012

Now to wash... What to do with your Knit Social jars....

So there was a yarn retreat put on by the women of Knit Social. They are super-amazing people that put on exciting events! (psssst.... they're putting one on called Knit City in October... here in Vancouver!)

At the yarn retreat last month they had Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia there. IF you haven't used her yarn or fibre... you're missing out on one of the best things in life!! I just signed up for her fibre of the month club! DUUUUDE! That means that October/November/December I get fun new fibre!! WIN!!

But I digress....

So I gave swag for it.... Small jars to be put in windows to let them cook. They had Logwood and Lac colours in them, and they had alum as a mordant.

I LOVE solar dyeing!

So here are the instructions for what tehy (The people with the jars) need to do to make their yarn washed!! (Sorry for the lack of photos... i'm not at home right now... i'm out on an adventure with my darling one. It is our six year wedding anniversary!! YA!!!)

SO here come the instructions!!

1. Put on dish gloves... or some sort of rubber gloves. The dye WILL stain your hands. For real. Trust me.

2. Open Jar

3. Dump the contents of the jar into your sink... (Metal sink is best... easier clean-up!)

4. Rinse the yarn out... just like you would rinse hair dye out! SO add a little liquid soap to the yarn, and gently agitate the yarn. Be mindful that it is 100% wool... and will felt if you have it in super-hot water.

5. Hold the yarn in your hands, and allow the water to run over it until the water runs clear.

6. Hang the yarn to dry somewhere.... like over a railing... or on a dish towel.

Please note... this yarn is the Briggs and Little Softspun. I love this yarn. A lot.

I will post photos of me rinsing my yarn. And when you rinse yours... want to send them to me?

Love love love

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