Monday, 4 June 2012

Oh Montreal!

So i've been back for about a week, and settled back into my life!

So my Darling One was sent off to Montreal for a week to tattoo at Tatouage Royale.
And I got to go too!!

We stayed with a dear friend downtown. He gave up his room, and slept on the couch. (That guy is a doll. I love him!) The apartment had two amazing roommates that were very hospitable, and fun to hang out with... and the most beautiful HUGE terrace i've ever seen!

About Montreal-
Two things: 
1. I get lost. A LOT. Even in Vancouver. Often.
2. I speak terrible french. VERY terrible. I stress out going into stores, and I practice in my head what I am going to say. 

My big plan- Go to all of the yarn stores.... take the metro or busses to do so.... and don't get lost. 


Yarn Store #1- Escape Tricot. 
They by far, hands down were the friendliest... nicest yarn store. They had a GREAT selection of local and independent dyers, had couches to chill on... and an all around great atmosphere. It was close to a metro, and easy to find. 

The customers that they had chilling on the couches were super-friendly also. 

I waled out with a few skeins of hand dyed yarn,some locally made buttons, and the new 2012 Jane Austin Knits magazine. 

Yarn Store # 2- Effiloche
This was a yarn store/Fabric Store. They has a super selection of fabrics.... which I resisted. Because I instead bough MUCH yarn. I got 2 skeins of Fleece Artist. In the same colour... which may end up being a warp for a scarf... once I get myself a knitter's loom. 
Again, close to a metro... in a pretty area. Good cafes all around there!

Yarn Store #3-Magasin de Fibre l b
They are very similar to Yarnia in Portland. It is the DIY yarn store... meaning that you choose fibers from comes, and they spin the yarn together for you! BEST!
I got some red yarn, and made some knitted red squares! (More to come on that later!)
Mount-Royal is a rad area of town.

Yarn Store #4-Mouline

This place is moving soon... so they were having a super-sale... meaning, I went super-wild on buying things! The lady working there nerded out on yarn with me, and she was really nice. I like getting to chat about working in yarn stores with other yarn store employees. We love our jobs! 

They had SO MUCH YARN! This place is chalk-full of yarn.  For reals!
And they had so much Madeline Tosh! (So I got some... and made a scarf for a friend that took care of our cat while we were gone!)
Again... Close to a metro stop. Easy to find!

Yarn Store #5- A la Tricoteuse
They had a bunch of regular name brand yarns. Cascade... Diamond. All the usual suspects. I ended up with some Cascade Cloud in a grey colour. 
This yarn- Soft like a cloud. FOR REAL!
It is close to downtown, and many other fun places. 

Yarn Store #6À La Lainerie Lépine
This place was pretty far out of the city... but you can get there by taking the metro, and a short bus ride. 
They had A LOT of yarn. Mostly acrylic... but some good natural fibres scattered throughout. I ended up with a few balls of linen, and some angora/wool mix. 
The lady that worked here was so terribly sweet. We got to have some good yarn talk! 
This is the kind of yarn store that you need some time to lurk though, and you will find gold! (At super-great prices too!)

The student protests were heating up when we got there. 
One night there was a report that 400,000 people out marching. 

It was INCREDIBLE! I was proud to be able to take part. 

I did see a lot of police brutality.. against people that were (for real) not doing anything illegal. Not a surprise to me.... but true. 

But let us look at the happy parts of the protests.... There were people from every demographic out. This is a movement with real heart. 

Lightning storms- DUUUUUDE! So beautiful! 
Photo Booths- They are everywhere in Montreal! (I took many photo booth photos while I was there!)
Cheap Wine- Montreal has it all! 

So all around. Great!
Thank you Montreal!

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  1. So happy to hear your adventures were awesome!! I love learning about yarn stores far and away and how the hospitality of knitters doesn't really change too much wherever you go.

    Also, lady you totally need a lomo camera. I bet you'd make even more amazing photos with one in hand. Mad artz, for real!