Friday, 22 March 2013

Good Morning!

I've set out in life to stashbust.
I'm stashbusting in a BIG WAY!

I've taken to knitting shawls from the patterns I write... but I stripe them with any yarns in most any weights that I have. Because I use natural fibres, the resulting product can be overdyed with natural dyes.

The reason for doing this is that once you knit up this disjointed multi-coloured shawl, it becomes more whole once it is overdyed.  I make sure to use a dye that is rich and dark, and then go to town on the shawls.

The ones in this photo are done with an alum mordant at 18% WOF, Cream of tar tar at 8% WOF, Logwood extract at 2% WOF, and Quebracho extract at 7% WOF.

It is actually two shawls in the dyepot, and I am going to let them sit overnight tonight. (One of the reasons to let them sit overnight tonight is that my bathroom got tiled yesterday, and the grout is still setting.... I can't use my tub to rinse the shawls!)

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