Saturday, 26 May 2012

My frst yarn store in Montreal.

Yesterday I went to Espace Tricot!
First: I got there all by myself (with a map). This is a BIG deal.
I am lost all of the time. It isn't as though I meant to be lost... I think I may just pay attention to other things....

Second: I got there by Metro. I figured out how to re-load a metro card (OPUS) that a friend lennt me. Everything was in french. I'm slowly catching on to this french thing... remembering grade 11 french...

So now! The yarn store!

They were AMAZING!!
Their space was beautiful, with much natural light. They carried SO MANY nice yarns.

They had just recieved a big shipment of Sweet Georgia Yarn, and there was about 6 people stikering the skeins.

They also has HUGE selections of Hand Maiden, and Tanis fiber arts.
So I bought some.

The Hand Maiden is going to be the weft for a woven scarf, and the Tanis is going to be a cowl for my darling one. (He got a motorcycle, and would like a cowll for riding)

I also got a copy of Jane Austin Knits Summer 2012. Very many sweet patterns in that mag!

Finally I got some locally made buttons. They are super-sweet!

---Now I have to say, I have been to friendly yarn stores before... but the ladies that worked here (As well as the patrons) were SO NICE!! They had a genuine interest in my life. So touching to feel that much positivity!

They also reccomended a few other yarn stores for me to check out... so rad!

If you're ever in Montreal... please go there! Just going to see their beautifully knitted store samples is eneough to pull in the non-knitters!

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