Sunday, 20 May 2012


I have a request!

I met a lady the first day that Baaad Anna's opened.
She was wearing the most amazing shawl... and was super friendly. She linked me to her on Ravelry... and I have been checking out her work ever since! We also have since become friends on the book of face (Facebook).

I saw her post this on the book of face a few days ago....
Just in case you didn't see this earlier - my native band is not funding my education for this semester due to negligence on behalf of our wonderful federal government. Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada has been giving Qalipu (my band) the run-around about budget approval and are now being told that it won't be until June.

A friend created this group so that my dream of becoming a Social Worker doesn't get shredded... and the fact of the matter is that at this point, whether I withdraw or not, I am still liable for my fees. If you can spare anything - a dollar, a thought or prayer, I would very much appreciate it. We're 69% of the way there, and for that I am SO grateful.
So this is me asking you... if you have anything to donate (through paypal)... even a dollar if you have it... it would rock my world. 
Here is the link to the chipin thing.... 

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