Friday, 4 November 2011

Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur

As terribly exciting as life has been, I should have been putting things here. Photos at least.
I have terribly exciting things coming with naturally dyed wools. New base yarns and such. (Also, it is harvest time. This is a warm and happy thing.)

Here are some photos leading up from the last post until now.
My darling husband has been teaching his craft to me. He is an amazing tattooist, and I am learning.

This was some night on some bicycle adventure.

I found a weed taller than me. (Pretty impressive as I am a solid 6 feet tall...)

I went camping in the most magical place.
Then a bear came though our camp.
Because the neighboring camp left garbage out.
Welcome to the woods.
So we went and camped at another amazing place.

We found this place. Its in the city that I love, and i've ridden my bicycle by it a million times. But now we found it.

Here is a hip photo from inside the place we found.

My cat wears my Summerflies shawl sometimes.

This is a place that we adventured. Played around the rocks.

We were riding bicycles around. This is in front of an amazing place.

Eggs were thrown.


  1. Hey! Found you from the baby blanket thread at Rav. Good job on that by the way. I notice your cat's Summerflies shawl looks just like mine! What yarn did you use? I used Wool-Pak because I entered it into a contest that my LYS is putting on. My LYS is Paradise Fibers in Spokane WA. The woolpak is kind of scratchy but it turned out pretty.
    That is a link to my shawl if you are interested. Anyway, hope today finds you well and happy. See ya! Karla

  2. Oh! I just looked at your shawl, and it is sooooo terribly beautiful!

    I used Indigo Moon Yarn for mine which is a fingering weight yarn (pretty thin for the pattern... but lovely hand painted!)