Monday, 4 April 2011

Fama Volat

This place is going to be where there is a lot of information and talkings of natural dyes. There will probably also be talkings of knitting and felting and other things as well.

It feels strange to try to type the way that I speak, and not in the way that I was taught in schoolings...  But I do suppose that i've already made up two words in this posting and its just the first one. (I know this because there are a few words with those little red squiggle lines under them telling me that I have done wrong.)

In any case... the first photo is an Arbutus tree. You can use the bark to dye with.And the next photo is taken at the tip top of Mayne Island. If you have not been there, you should. It is a magic place full of Arbutus trees, bones on the shore of the ocean, and dark things hiding in the forest.

It is time now to go help the lovely one with their screen printing. There will be more spoken of that soon. It is a secret that has to do with slugs.

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